21 Days of Prayer 2021 – Introduction

Praying Like Paul

Twice a year we have 21 Days of Prayer: September and January.

If you read through Paul’s epistles you will notice very quickly that Paul prays much differently than many believers do. You rarely find Paul praying for God to change his circumstances.  Here was a man who spent a lot of time in prison, yet he doesn’t pray to get out of prison.  We do find him praying for God to take away his thorn in the flesh.  There is much debate on what that thorn was, but regardless, God reminded Paul that His grace was sufficient.  In other words, Paul learns to be dependent upon God every moment of the day.

As we take these next 21 days to focus on prayer it would greatly benefit us to pay close attention to the way Paul prayed.

We ask that for the next 21 days, beginning September 1, you read the passages intentionally and slowly.  They were things that Paul prayed about.

There are written prayers at the end of each passage to guide you, but we ask that you allow the Holy Spirit to give you the words to pray based on the prayer that Paul prayed.

We hope that you find yourself praying differently than you’ve ever prayed before.