Top Golf ON CALL

Dates: Ongoing, as notified
Location: Top Golf Greenville (you will be notified what bay when confirmed.)
Times: varies, sign up for the group(s) that interest you
Leaders: Keith/Beth Beutler
Register anytime here.

Enjoy some fun at Top Golf by joining one of the following on-call groups for occasional play, mostly free. Limited to the first 4-5 people who RSVP each time.  Text invites will be sent several days in advance.  Select the group(s) that best fit your schedule.  (Joining the notification group does not obligate you to play.) Top Golf is an open-air experience and requires masks in common areas. Masks are optional in socially-distanced bays. You are responsible to pay for your own food/beverage. Clubs are available or you can bring your own. No experience necessary!

Group 1: Wednesdays between 2:30-4:30 Men only with Keith Beutler  – Free

Group 2: Friday between 12:00-2:00 Men only with Keith Beutler – Free

Group 3: Friday between  3:00 – 5:00 Men/Women with Keith and Beth Beutler – Free

Group 4: Friday evenings 5:00 – whenever group wants to stop.   Mixed – Participants split the fee and should be prepared for $5-20 per person