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ABIDE – Grace Upon Grace – John 1:6-18 (Nate Muse)

In this passage, John sets the stage for our journey of getting to know Jesus better. He introduces terms and concepts that we will see repeatedly.

Four Questions

1. vv. 6-8 How will the world find out about the Word?

John is a witness to the life of Jesus, and feels the call to share about this Light of the World.

2. vv 9-11 How will the world respond to the Word?

Jesus entered the world with the intention to be revealed. He is present and there is testimony of Him.

3. vv. 12-13 What does the light reveal?

The light reveals who will receive Him and who won’t. Believing is part of receiving. God draws people to HImself, giving them the means to place their trust in Him.

4. vv 14-18 How will we experience the light?

We will experience grace upon grace upon grace. God reveals Himself through Jesus. Grace flows out of God.

Challenge: Do you approach God expecting to receive grace? We often don’t come to God with expectation because we 1) think we don’t deserve it (we don’t but He desires to give it) 2) we think we have to perform 3) we think He has bigger and better things to do, or 4) we don’t think to ask.

Our understanding of God is not as big as it should be.

In this life, there will never be a day where we will not be in need of the grace of Jesus Christ, and there will never be a day where the grace we need will be found outside of Him.


1. What questions arise for you when you consider that God draws people to Himself and gives them the means to receive Him?

2. Do you approach God expecting to receive something from Him? Why or why not?

3. Which of the following terms most resonate with you this week? Believe, receive, grace, world, witness, trust

4. Do you think the world sees Jesus in any way?

5. How have you experienced God’s grace this week?

ABIDE – Grace Upon Grace – John 1:6-18 (Nate Muse)

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