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Simple Next Steps (Brian Onken)

Takeaways John 1:35-51 Simple Next Steps Speaker: Brian Onken Date: March 17, 2024 Sometimes our anticipated expectation of something needs to be adjusted. We can look at this passage from what we assume is going on, but put aside what

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Grace Upon Grace (Nate Muse)

Takeaways John 1:6-18 Grace Upon Grace Speaker: Nate Muse In this passage, John sets the stage for our journey of getting to know Jesus better. He introduces terms and concepts that we will see repeatedly. Four Questions 1. vv. 6-8

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Lord, Make Us Desperate for You 

Lord, Make Us Desperate for You Russ Muse Absalom is rebelling, and David is feeling it significantly – to the point of what we would call a nervous breakdown. David recognizes his sin and his relationship with God. He feels

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Decorating Your Life of Prayer

Decorating Your Life of Prayer Brian Onken Just as a visit to a Christmas store may inspire your décor choices for your holidays at home, Psalm 5 provides a source of inspiration for decorating your prayer life in a way

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