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ABIDE – Truly, Truly – John 5:18-29 (Russ Muse)

When we see the words truly, truly, which we see three times in this passage, we should truly, truly pay attention.

The First Truly, Truly – v 19

The focus is on the FATHER and the extremely dependent relationship Jesus has with Him. Repeatedly, we are told that Jesus does nothing of His own accord, but instead follows what His Father is doing. The Father loves the Son. Jesus’ ministry is anchored by the Father’s love, and the Father wants Jesus glorified.

The Second Truly, Truly – v. 24

The focus is on the SON of God and His relationship to those who believe and receive Him. They have passed from death to life. This eternal life is not something that starts in heaven, but is an intimacy with God we can enjoy NOW.

The Third Truly, Truly – v. 25

The focus is on the SON OF MAN and his relationship to all mankind. Having become a man, He was given authority to execute judgment on those who refuse to believe and receive.

God reveals things to us because He loves us. We are regularly reminded that there are those who believe and receive, and those who don’t. He desires for us to see, hear, believe and receive so we can enjoy a lifetime, now and in eternity, of intimacy with Him.


1. Think about the first Truly, Truly. Why is Jesus so dependent on His Father? Do you live your daily life in that type of dependence?

2. Think about the second Truly, Truly. How would you rate your current relationship with Jesus? Do you desire more intimacy? How can you lean into that?

3. Think about the third Truly, Truly. Why do you think God reminds us that there are those who believe and receive, and those who don’t?

4. Think about heaven, and how we often look ahead to it. Now think about your daily life. What is different? Does it need to be?

5. Think about people in your life who, to your knowledge, may not yet have believed and received. Spend some time in prayer for them. Pray also for those you know HAVE believed and received, that they may experience more intimacy with Jesus.

ABIDE – Truly, Truly – John 5:18-29 (Russ Muse)

Truly Truly

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