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How to Sleep Peacefully Even During Distressing Times


Ben Daniel

Psalm 4 How to Sleep Peacefully Even During Distressing Times

In this Psalm, we see David considering the challenges of life and looking to the LORD to provide peace and sleep.

God alone is his place of safety. David had the confidence to seek God in yet another period of distress. Peace is not dependent on our circumstances.

The work of God’s kingdom is designed by God to only move forward through the persistent intercession of those who depend on Him.

When we sleep, we are at our most vulnerable, but God is a Shield. Freedom to sleep well comes from God.

We don’t have to convince God to be for us. We can be sure He already is.

In the middle of life’s futility and the promise of all things working together for God is a Holy Spirit constantly interceding for us.

Homework  (for a downloadable takeaways document, click here.)

Read and Reflect:  Psalm 4

See and Study: Psalm 5

Meditate and Memorize: Psalm 4:8  “In peace I will both lie down and sleep, for You alone, LORD, have me dwell in safety.”

Ponder and Pray: a helpful illustration: think of the Holy Spirit in continual prayer for you as a frequency you can tune into any time.

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How to Sleep Peacefully Even During Distressing Times

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