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Decorating Your Life of Prayer

Decorating Your Life of Prayer

Brian Onken

Just as a visit to a Christmas store may inspire your décor choices for your holidays at home, Psalm 5 provides a source of inspiration for decorating your prayer life in a way that allows you to live into the richness of what prayer can be.  We glean the following encouragements from this Psalm:
Pray, and talk to God often.
Pray aloud.
Pray even if you don’t know what to pray – the Holy Spirit may groan on your behalf.
Pray intentionally and purposefully, ordering your thoughts.
Pray and watch for Him to work.
Pray with appreciation for your access to God through Jesus.
Pray, drawing near based on what He has provided.
Pray like you have a close relationship with Him.
Pray, enjoying the conversation.
Pray and find him to be your Shelter and Refuge.
Pray, experiencing our gracious God as our safe place, no matter what we are going through.
Pray expressions of joy and exaltation.

Homework  (for a downloadable takeaways document, click here.)

Read and Reflect:  Psalm 5

See and Study:  Psalm 6

Meditate and Memorize: Psalm 5:11  “But let all who take refuge in You be glad, Let them ever sing for joy; and may You shelter them, that those who love Your name may exult in you.”

Ponder and Pray: Pray through the above suggestions throughout the week.

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Optional reading plan for Psalms (in the YouVersion Bible app under our church listing)

Decorating Your Life of Prayer

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