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Lord, Make Us Desperate for You 

Lord, Make Us Desperate for You

Russ Muse

Absalom is rebelling, and David is feeling it significantly – to the point of what we would call a nervous breakdown.

David recognizes his sin and his relationship with God. He feels comfortable asking for grace.

David is also comfortable laying out his emotions before God.

David has a desperate need for God.  He cultivates his desperation. 

Instant gratification does not produce desperation.

In hard times, we tend to be desperate for God. But what would it be like to be desperate for him all the time?  Let’s seek to be desperate for Him without something “bad” happening.

Homework  (for a downloadable takeaways document, click here.)

Read and Reflect:  Psalm 6

See and Study:  Psalm 7

Meditate and Memorize: Psalm 6:9  “The LORD has heard my supplication, the LORD receives my prayer.”

Ponder and Pray: Might God be delaying an answer to a situation for you because He wants you to more deeply embrace the blessing of being desperate for Him?

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Optional reading plan for Psalms (in the YouVersion Bible app under our church listing)

Lord, Make Us Desperate for You 

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