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ABIDE – Behold and Believe – John 6:22-59 (Brian Onken)

It is helpful to consider this passage in two parts.

Verses 22-40
Jesus had performed a purposeful sign (the feeding of the 5000+), but the people didn’t grasp what it was pointing to. They drew a wrong conclusion. While they did respond to some degree, God wanted far more depth of relationship with them.

What was the intention from the sign?

1. v. 26-27 – The sign was to awaken something in the people, deeper than satisfying their physical hunger.
2. vv. 27-28 The sign was an invitation to work for what the Father intends for them.
3. vv. 29, 35 The sign was to stir them to believe in Him; to depend on Him; to trust in Him more deeply.
4. v. 40 – The sign was an invitation to do more than just “see” the Son of God but to “behold” – to grasp, understand, and believe.

Verses 41-59
1. v. 42 – It is not enough to see Jesus and simply know something about Him.
2. vv. 44-45 The Father is doing a work. We come to a deeper relationship with Him because of what He does to draw us and catch us.
3. v. 35, 48, 51 Jesus has to become the very thing to sustain us. He gave His life for us and we find in Him what we need for life.

Personal applications and meditations:
1. We experience life in the Son due to the drawing of the Father.
2. The signs point to the opportunity for a deeper relationship with God, but the Father does the drawing and carrying.
3. If you are not yet beholding AND believing, don’t resist being caught and carried by God.
4. If you are in relationship with God, rejoice in the work God did in drawing you to the Son.

We are the beneficiaries of a great work of grace, and He gets the glory.


1. In what ways have you experienced God drawing you into a relationship with the Son?
2. So far in the book of John, we’ve learned of various signs Jesus performed. Which sign resonates most with you?
3. How does knowing that GOD does the drawing of people affect your sense of freedom in sharing aspects of your walk with God with them?
4. Jesus didn’t let the grumbling of the people bother Him. He rested in following what His Father was doing, and didn’t seem concerned about results. He instead was simply confident in doing what God directed Him to do In what situations in your life currently could you apply the same trust and rest?
5. Spend some time rejoicing in what God has done already to draw you into a deeper relationship with Jesus.

ABIDE – Behold and Believe – John 6:22-59 (Brian Onken)


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