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ABIDE – He Really Is That Good – John 6:1-21 (Ben Daniel)

He Really Is That Good   Word of the Week: Miracles

John 6:1-21 – Dr. Ben Daniel

The miracle of the feeding of the 5000 is iconic – many people, even non-believers, have heard of this miracle.  Sometimes, believers want to overcomplicate it, and while it’s not wrong to dig into the details and understand theological points, it’s also a wise approach to read the passage as the narrative it is and see more about Jesus and the simple truth that He meets needs.  We also see this in the section about Jesus walking on water to get into the boat with the disciples and quickly getting them to their destination.

Some takeaways:

  • The signs and wonders Jesus did tell us something about Who God is.
  • Jesus is an amazing teacher!
  • John went out of his way to connect Jesus with Moses’ prophesy in Deuteronomy 18 – Jesus is the prophet we’ve been expecting! We should listen to Him … and not ask Him to do what we want.
  • In the various miracles we’ve seen so far, a common thread emerges – Jesus simply meets needs, often with practical solutions (i.e. creating wine needed for a wedding, feeding hungry people, healing someone who cannot walk.)
  • Jesus also demonstrates an orderly approach (i.e. make the people sit down in groups, thus avoiding a charge to the front for food.)
  • In the miracles, it’s not often that the entire group of people there see the miracle.  In this example, it’s likely that there were 15,000 or more people there.  All most of them knew is that they were provided food.  The disciples got a front row seat to what Jesus started with (five loaves and two fish) and how it didn’t run out until everyone was fed and there were leftovers!)
  • We also see that Jesus came to the disciples in the boat and “blipped” them to their destination. 

In all these signs so far, we see Jesus as 

  • Someone who is extravagant.
  • Someone with important words
  • Someone who meets needs
  • Someone who invites His followers to be part of the miracle
  • Someone worth following!

He really is that good! 

Are we ready to believe and receive what He desires to give us?


1. Have you ever witnessed a miracle? Have you ever had the privilege of playing a role in someone else’s provision from God or a miracle in their life?
2. We sometimes are cautioned not to put too much into seeking signs and wonders. Yet Jesus continued to join the Father in doing these, John continues to share them, and Jesus invited His followers to be part of them. Are you opening your eyes to see the miracles God is doing?
3. How do you sometimes overthink/overanalyze/overcomplicate Scripture?
4. Make a list of the characteristics of Jesus that you have seen so far in the book of John.
5. Go back over the signs and miracles so far and note the practical ways Jesus helped people.

Click here for a printable reflection sheet.

ABIDE – He Really Is That Good – John 6:1-21 (Ben Daniel)

He is really that good

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