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ABIDE – Do You Want to Go Away as Well? – John 6:60-71 (Nate Muse)

We have been seeing a series of statements and responses such as:

John 6:35
Statement: I am the Bread of Life.
Response: People taking the statement literally, and grumbling

John 6:51
Statement: I am the Living Bread
Response: People disputing and debating

John 6:54
Statement: Unless you eat my flesh and drink my blood you have no life in you.
Response: This is hard to understand/accept. Some chose to no longer follow Him.

It is possible to see the signs of Jesus but miss the point of the signs completely.

What if Jesus’ words were not meant to be persuasive, but revelatory? His words provide a dividing line. People either believe and receive, or reject His words, and Him.

v. 63 – Jesus reminds us that the Spirit gives life …

We are drawn to Jesus by the Father, awakened to words by the Spirit, to share in the life that is only found in Him.

Jesus asks the 12 “Do you want to go away as well?” This didn’t come out of despair, but rather provides an opportunity for the disciples to consider their viewpoint and where they are in their walk with Jesus.

Peter acknowledges that Jesus is his Source – he finds everything he needs in Him.

At this point, 11 of the 12 are choosing to continue to follow Jesus. Several to many of the other followers have chosen to walk away. We are either one or the other. Which one are you?

The same sun that melts the wax hardens the clay. – Charles Spurgeon

Side thought: we are starting to see major opposition to Jesus. It is the same today. But we can be encouraged – even in opposition, God gets glory.


1. Why do you think there is a continued, repeating theme of two types of people (those who believe and those who do not) in the book of John so far?

2. Who gets the credit when people come to know Jesus?

3. What points from the signs we’ve studied so far may you have missed? During the off week, go back through John 1-6 and ask the Lord to reveal further truths to you from these signs.

4. Under the same circumstances the disciples were in, if Jesus were to ask you, “Do you want to go away as well?” what would you have said?

5. Nate read several Scripture affirmations at the end of the service, such as

I will never leave you or forsake you.
In Me is peace to guard your heart and mind.
I am with you always.
You share in my divine nature.
Nothing will separate you from me.

Take some time to find the Scripture references for these affirmations and write a few of your own to repeat regularly.

ABIDE – Do You Want to Go Away as Well? – John 6:60-71 (Nate Muse)

Drawn by the Father

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