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ABIDE – How Do You Respond to Him? John 7:1-25 (Brian Onken)

This passage reveals a time around the Feast of Booths, where the Jews would travel in celebration and spend a week “camping out” in booths (tents.)  It was the end of the harvest season and a commemoration of God’s provision. 

Jesus’ brothers encouraged Him to make the pilgrimage and become more public with His ministry.  But Jesus declined going to the feast in the traditional way, perhaps so that the focus would remain on the Father.  As a faithful Jew though, He quietly went privately.

In this passage, we see the concept of “seeking” repeatedly.  Who was seeking? What were they seeking?  We see seeking for different reasons and from different viewpoints, including being critical, being intrigued, being resistant, and being abandoned to the will of God.

Jesus’ brothers didn’t think He was handling his ministry well. They advised Him to promote Himself more.

Sometimes we see Jesus as someone to be advised, as if He needs our help to guide a situation.

Some in the crowd had already been blessed by the “miracle bread” Jesus had provided (in the feeding of the 5000+).  They saw Him as someone who might benefit them again.

Sometimes we see Jesus as someone who benefits us; we are intrigued by what He might do for us.

The Jews were seeking to kill Jesus, because they did not like His words and actions (such as healing the lame man and having him carry his bed on the Sabbath.)

Sometimes we see Jesus as someone who troubles us and we push against what He is telling us.

Abandoned to God’s Will
Jesus Himself was seeking – He wanted the glory of the One who sent Him. He consistently did God’s will, and did nothing but what the Father told Him to do.

Sometimes we see Jesus as someone to completely trust and lean into, knowing He will be the perfect Guide to our following the Father’s will for us.  When we live into this relationship this way, we find true life.

Jesus cannot be ignored.  Think well about how you seek Him.

ABIDE – How Do You Respond to Him? John 7:1-25 (Brian Onken)

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